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ABH – Pre Workout

ABH – Pre Workout

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ABH has been designed to not only give you power, endurance and intensity, but to also give you that mental focus throughout the whole session! No comedowns, and a sustained release of intensity , you will experience a workout like never before!

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  • Description

    Product Description

    ABH | Actual Bodily Harm – 250g Pre-Workout Supplement

    Intensity, focus and DRIVE in a tub! ABH is designed to give you that positive aggressive edge in the gym for your whole workout!

    Are you ready to cause some Actual Bodily Harm! ABH has been carefully formulated to not only give you increased endurance, strength and power, but more importantly that mental DRIVE to push through those vital reps where GROWTH occurs!

    No comedowns, and a steady release on intensity providing you with a completely different edge towards your training, where INTENSITY and LOAD will go hand in hand for reps!

    Contains a potent blend of active ingredients to fire you up for intense training including Beta-Alanine, Taurine, Alpha-Keto-Glutarate, Creatine Monohydrate and Caffeine, so there will be no excuses for you not to achieve those physical goals!

    Put down your coffee, put down your fizzy drinks, and get ready to cause some serious DAMAGE in the gym!

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Weight 0.25 kg

    Tropical Punch, Lemon & Lime

  • Reviews (4)
    5.00 out of 5

    4 reviews for ABH – Pre Workout

    1. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      The amount of caffeine in this preworkout makes it ideal for me, no longer do I need to take numerous scoops to feel the benefits. Great energy throughout my session and no crash!

    2. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      Trailed and tested by me and muscle house gym, #ABH is proven and will push you that extra mile

    3. 5 out of 5


      Received my tub of ABH the other day, used it last night on a brutal chest and biceps session. I found this pre work out absolute perfect for me as I train at night I usually don’t take a pre work out as I cannot sleep after. I had no issues what so ever with ABH. I also had an intense amount of focus and after a few sets Into the work out the pump hit me which stays with you till the end…. All in all ABH is up there with the best…. Awesome product guys

    4. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I love it no come down, tastes great and really focused using it plus it goes a long way so excellent value

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  • Nutritional Information

    ABH Caffeine: 750mg

    Caffeine has an amazing ability to increase the mind muscle connection, provide razor sharp focus, boosts aerobic performance, reduce fatigue and even aid in weight loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation. A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research in 2011 looked at 13 moderately trained males and the effect of caffeine supplementation on bench press performance to failure. The research concluded that participants supplementing with caffeine completed significantly more repetitions to failure and lifted considerably more weight.

    ABH Creatine monohydrate 750mg

    Creatine provides max performance to athletes every time. It is one of the most researched driven sports nutrition supplements to exist. Countless studies have shown that creatine significantly increases lean muscle mass and strength gains and it does so safely. ABH creatine prepares athletes for maximum output on or off the pitch, in the gym, or in the ring.

    ABH Taurine: 900mg

    Studies have shown that Taurine may increase muscle endurance by up to 50%. Its ability to buffer lactic acid in the muscle means greater intense bouts of exercise. Further by supplementing with taurine, subjects in a separate study were able to perform more reps on the bench press over the placebo group. Not only does taurine enhance muscular endurance but it has also been shown to help with fat burning.

    ABH Beta Alanine: 3000mg

    Beta Alanine is backed by research to show that it is a primary mechanism to increase athletic performance. Beta alanine improves muscle endurance and power, and has been shown to aid the increase in lean and mass muscle tissue. Also the use of beta alanine has been shown to delay the onset of neuromuscular fatigue (DOMS), that is the point in which lactic acid begins to kick in. Beta alanine appears to act in a buffering capacity stemming from its ability to elevate muscle carnosine concentrations. Above all, with the help of beta alanine instead of hitting 6 or 7 reps you’ll be smashing out 9 or 10.

    Alpha-Keto-Glutarate: 2100mg

    AKG is a well-proven, versatile and highly effective supplement, In athletes AKG spares glutamine, thus enhancing its synthesis and availability. AKG is useful to athletes as it is an anti-catabolic (prevents muscle protein depletion) after intense exercise. When combined with other amino acids, it enhances nutrient transport and uptake. It is used for improving athletic performance, as it improves amino acid metabolism. KG is even used to prevent a lack of blood and oxygen flow to the heart, proof of its enhanced oxygen transport ability.